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How To Be Debt Free

Lauri paid off $30,000 of credit card debt in eight months. She used the unconventional Money Multiplier System that changed her relationship with money. From using credit cards to pay rent to relying on her money buckets she was able to crush on debt while building wealth. Now Lauri dates money weekly, and is changing her money story.

Shortly after joining the Wealth Accelerator, we dived into her money story peeling back the layers to discover what she truly believed about money. We revealed her money habits, identified her strongest money archetype (there are seven) and aligned her financial goals with her core values.

When Laurie identified the archetype that was the driving force behind the years of her spending patterns, she was empowered to make a new change. This choice led her to build a legacy for her children. Once we revealed the culprit behind the debt, we unlocked her financial genius to establish money goals. Knowing why you want to be debt free, is more important than being debt free. So many people will pay off debt only to be buried in twice as much within two years. Every single day, we make impulsive purchases. When we identify the purpose of these expenditures, we get to make choices in aligned with our desires.

Regardless of the money class, we all share the same fear; 'will there be enough'. Lauri was so fearful of running out of money, that she would use a credit card to cover her rent not realizing she had plenty of money to cover it. The power of writing down her money goals allowed Lauri to visualize her desire to be debt free. Imagining what she could do with that money gave her the hope and excitement she needed to redirect her path. Back in the day, we had money envelope systems, now we have money buckets, and we create money buckets, one for each goal. Laurie had $30,000 worth of debt, and she had two choices, continued to pay it off the way she was, which was paying the minimum balance plus incurring interest or she can implement a simple strategy.

She chose the snowball method, a concept coined by Dave Ramsey (I'm a huge fan.) Creating this momentum gives your brain that dopamine hit it needs to feel that WOW! It's working!!! All of my clients have had amazing success with this method. When you join the wealth accelerator program you also get the Crush on Debt membership. It is a standalone program for $197 a month where you get the tools you need to pay off debt once and for all. A lot of times debt gets a bad rap, In the Crush On Debt program, we love our debt. After all, debt is borrowing from your future self, something you want now, but chose not to save for it. The Money Multiplier System implements the 20% method. Simply by setting aside 20% of all income and applying it to your debt, accelerates payback: Lauri raised her arms in the air, chair dancing, after she paid the first debt off, but more importantly, she stopped the desire to rack debt up again.

Lauri could have done this on her own but she admits it would have taken her year to figure out the mindset work plush she would not have held herself accountable. I do have a #debtfreeze challenge, simple steps delivered to your inbox, one each day for thirty days. Register here to receive the challenge;

Not everyone likes the DIY option, and if that's you, let's hop on a call and see if Wealth Accelerator is a good fit for you. Working with a Wealth Activator like myself is the key to getting fast results. We dive deep into the subconscious, captivating the thoughts that create and dictate how you're spending your money so you can truly be debt free. Lauri's desire to be debt free drove her to Crush On Debt.

With a simple adjustment to your finances, you too can be debt free. Book your call and let's see if it's your perfect date. And remember, it doesn't matter how much money you have, it's what you do with it🗝️🌬️💖💸

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