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Crush on Debt!


Unpopular opinion: I love debt.


So many strive to be debt free, but is that really the ultimate goal?


Sure, you can pay off all of your debt and never use credit again but what does that do for you?

For most, it creates a cycle of borrowing and repaying. 


Debt isn’t just about wanting something now, for many it’s survival.


My clients have used debt to pay their rent.


With the cost of things these days no wonder they had to,  who could keep up?


Even if you had an emergency fund with 6 months of expenses, so many are afraid to use it, what if there’s not enough?


So many will  pay off debt only to rack up the balances again. 

Know this too well. In 1992 filed bankruptcy with $32K of debt, stayed debt free until 2014 when an addiction to 0% credit cards led to $100K of debt.

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Discovering the debt issue was an emotional spending problem, I knew I had to get help.


Had the money all along but placed too many restrictions on the budget, believing there was never enough,  convinced myself debt was the only way...the cycle wouldn't break.


Crazy right.


Heard you wanted to be debt free.

Grab your VIP ticket to The Green Room and enter the Crushing On Debt Experience!!!

Discover the keys to pay debt faster!!


This is for ladies who want EASY action steps to pay down debt, multiply money, & raise their credit score all while having fun with finances.


Weekly meet-ups via Zoom include an aromatherapy session followed by a step-by-step action plan to help you pay down debt & build wealth.


Get financial strategies to accelerate repayment of your debt, raise your credit score, & accelerate wealth.

It's time to fall head over heels in love with money.

The Crush on Debt Club monthly membership is only $197

Save when you purchase it for 12 months for only $1700.

  • Crush on Debt

    Every month
    • Exclusive access to Private Facebook Group
    • Action Steps to Pay Down Debt & Raise your Credit Score
    • Monthly Crush on Debt Workshops

Cancel anytime, no refunds. Once cancelled you will have access until the end of the month currently in. After that time you will be removed from the private Facebook group.

Join the Crush on Debt Club & get ready to pay down debt, raise your credit score, multiply your money & have fun with finances.

Best Value

Crush On Debt Annual Plan



Save on your monthly membership when you pay in full

Valid for 12 months

Strategy to pay down debt once & for all

Paying down debt is a challenging but rewarding journey that can lead to greater financial freedom & peace of mind. By employing the right strategies, maintaining financial discipline, & seeking assistance when needed, you can conquer debt & pave the way towards a brighter financial future.

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