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Partner with Money

How can you become the courageous
business coach who owns her financial genius

It’s your birthright to be wealthy. 

A birthright that was lost by past mistakes, beliefs that you aren’t worthy to receive.

But we all know that the reciprocal energy of receiving is giving. You are worthy to receive and give.

Stop Hiding behind Past Mistakes

Create a monotonous relationship with money

and know it inside out.

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The 10-10-10 Plan is key to building infinite abundance

Leveraging Debt  &
                         Creating Abundance

Bankruptcy at 22 was no joke.

$32K in debt

Single mom. 

Working two jobs, living paycheck to paycheck. 

All that work & nothing to show for it. 

Focusing on lack, all the things that couldn't be done. Stuck in my past mistakes feeling unworthy to be wealthy. 

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Fast forward 20 years, addiction to 0% credit cards,

ignoring money, clueless on my spending patterns,

knowing I needed a way out but drowning in debt. 

Cutting up my credit cards and putting them in a glass bottle as a reminder not to use them. Once and for all I vowed to pay it off.

Stop Hiding behind Past Mistakes

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