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10X Profit
Wealth Accelerator:
Unlocking Your Full Financial Potential

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Are you a millionaire in the making?



                               Fall head over heels in love with your                                     money…


                    Activate your wealth                                                      potential by unlocking your                                     financial genius.

Implement the Money Multiplier System.


Multiply your money using a strategic profit first system.


Energetically align your money mindset with your core values.


Design your financial future with confidence.

Step into the Wealth Acceleration VIP Room

Create your Wealth Activation Roadmap

Align your financial goals with your core values

 Master your personalized wealth system

 Create a long-lasting partnership with your money


Let me  guide & support you to change your money story, be debt free,  & build a beautiful legacy for future generations. 



My goal is to show one million women how to become millionaires without sacrificing their self sovereignty by falling head over heels in love with money. 

Are you in?


Money Magic Double Rainbow 

IG Story #4.jpg

Retiring 2 1/2 years early &


moving into my dream home as


a millionaire is literally my


dreams coming true in real life. 

i declare bankruptcy (1).png

Since 1987 I’ve been immersed in the financial world.

From bankruptcy paralegal to Certified Financial Coach,


I’ve worked with thousands of people to help them plan their financial portfolios….

Knew that there was a better way to wealth than others were teaching…
 even the gurus…



So that they can combine breath, scent, and thoughts…

(it’s more than just the dollars)

Our thoughts are our most powerful tool…

Learning how to shift beliefs, choose my thoughts, & how to craft a financial plan was the birthplace of my signature Money Multiplier System. 



Missing the deep, beautiful relationship with money that is possible when we are able to shift & reprogram our prior thoughts around money…

Wanted to take my clients deeper into their relationships with themselves through training as a Certified Aromatherapy Practitioner…

ferret dance.png

Imagine money flowing all around, bills with wings fluttered by kissing your arms & legs in great delight.


Lush green grass showcasing a vibrant double rainbow.

Allow your younger self to dance and twirl, her laughter echoing all around you.

sticker (9)_edited.png

What if you could release the addiction to debt that has been stealing your breath…

What if you could step forward, allowing your shield of protection to lower… 

So that you can step into your financial genius.


Imagine money flowing all around you…

Dating money is only the beginning…


Allow me to share my financial genius with you.

The genius that led me to retire 2 ½ years early & move into my dream home at the beach as a millionaire.

It gave me the opportunity to travel, lavish others with gifts, & to splurge on me knowing that I was worthy to receive it all.

All of this magic starts with falling head over heels
in love with money…

Learning how to actually DATE money…
It may sound crazy, but this concept made me a millionaire…

The truth is…



Ask Lauri In week 3 of Wealth Activation she paid off $2500 debt, opened a CD, & purchased an I Bond. Before she didn’t feel that she even had enough money to meet her monthly expenses.

Or Kate.  She immediately implemented the Money Multiplier System & was ecstatic to be able to support multiple not-for-profits. She worked through old money beliefs from childhood & now makes decisions based on her own beliefs.

Then there’s Robyn. She grew up believing that money was scarce & that there wasn’t enough of it. Implementing the tools used in Wealth Activation, she rewrote her money story. She now feels worthy to receive & enjoy her money.


Wealth Acceleration VIP Roadmap is your path to financial freedom

  • Imagine investing in yourself, your family, your future

  • Your money grows & works for you in a way that you understand

  • Debt dissolves or strategically supports your goals

  • Confidently support causes close to your heart

Being in your financial zone of genius is your new way of living

 12 Month Wealth Acceleration of  your Financial Genius


  • Identify your best personalized money strategy 

  • Get comfortable with making your money work for you

  • Step-by-step support to make your strategy a success

  • Community to have fun and create accountability


VIP Pass Details

  • VIP Onboarding Call Step right into the Green Room with this VIP Onboarding call where we will design your personalized money roadmap

  • VIP Weekly Calls: Private 45 minute sessions to dive deep into your money journey so that you can optimize your finances to allow money to flow with ease

  • VIP Community Calls to create accelerated wealth activation & dig in deep with these weekly live calls every Thursday from 12-12;30 PM EST with replays available. Will your favorite part be the Essential Oils I provide for you to use during our sessions?

  • VIP Portal with self-paced wealth activation training, guides & a custom made workbook that contains all of the resources to create your financial portfolio

  • VIP Private Facebook™ Connect with a community of like-minded FB Administrators & Podcast Host who are on their way to being a self-made millionaire, you'll also find extra resources along with the replays!

  • VIP  1:1 Telegram App Access Receive support between calls & get your questions answered quickly


  • Bonus Access to Crush On Debt monthly membership


  • Invest In Your Future


  • Your 12-Month VIP Pass to the Green Room is  the KEY to strategically align your finances to build  generational wealth,

  • re-write your money story, & live the life you always dreamed of.

  • Your Investment Options


      $1200 per month for twelve months  


    • Or

    • $12,000 Paid in Full

Are you one in a  Million? 

On a mission to help one million courageous women become millionaires.


You with me?




Ready to take control of your financial future?




Rise above the money stories from your past?




Step into your wealth by creating a financial plan that works for you?




Learn and activate your financial genius (yeah you got it!)???





Then become an action oriented woman who knows that money is your partner!

money feeling.png

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Wealth Activation creates the reciprocal energy of giving and receiving.


Imagine designing a personalized money map that leads you to infinite abundance. 

You get to splurge on you without feeling guilty.


No more hiding purchases or lying about how you spent your money.


Let those packages get delivered to your door knowing your fun money has you covered. 

What is the Money
Multiplier System?

This  is the key to building infinite abundance.

No budgets, no restrictions, no telling yourself no. 


It's the key to splurge & have fun with your finances w/out hiding or lying about those special purchases just for you. 

It’s your road map to invest in yourself, your future, your family. 

It allows you to expand the reciprocal energy of giving & receiving. 

Give with no hesitation to your favorite charity knowing that money flows all around you.

By setting aside 10% of your income for investing, giving, & receiving, you get multiply your money.

What does Wealth Activation Mean?

Wealth Activation is you creating a personal money management system based on your core values without being tied to a  strict budget.


You master the importance of paying yourself first so you will always have a nest egg.


You get to be a good steward of your finances, and consistently invest so you can multiply your money and leave a beautiful legacy. 

Design the life you dream about &

live it.

Who is Wealth Activation For? 

Wealth Activation is for high-achieving female entrepreneurs who are ready to align with money.


Intuitive women who are leaders in their industry.


FB Administrators , Podcast Hosts, and Business coaches who are ready to multiply money, optimize their financials, &  build a legacy while having fun with finances. 

How much debt will I be able to eliminate in this program? 

Everyone's situation is unique.


The amount of your debt & your willingness to implement the steps I teach in Wealth Activation will determine when your debt is paid off.


In 6 months, I paid off $100K.


Kate paid off $50K in 6 weeks.


Lauri paid $2500 in 3 weeks.


Lee paid $3k in 3 weeks

What if I’m living paycheck to paycheck? Or if I’m on a fixed income?

Most of my clients feel as if they are living paycheck to paycheck.

When you implement the tools I teach in Wealth Activation, your perspective on this changes.

Whether you're income is predictable or sporadic, you receive commission or a paycheck, by implementing the Money Multiplier System, your needs and wants are always met.


What if my spouse isn’t on the same page with finances
as me?
Will this still work
for me?

It's always best to have your spouse on board but if he refuses to be a part of it, you can still do it on your own.


A lot of couples keep their money separate or one spouse will manage the finances to make things easier.


For my clients whose spouse isn't on board, they implement the program & explain it to the spouse who eventually joins her on the journey.

Will you be helping me invest my money? (are you a financial planner?)

I am not a financial planner.  

I do work with an expert in the field who I refer all of my clients too.

I will help you create a list of questions to ask the financial advisor so you can make the best choice for your investments.

I suggest investments such as ROTH IRAs, 401K contributions, CD builders, & real estate.


Always consult with a licensed Financial Advisor before you begin any investments.

What if I don’t even know how to balance my checkbook?

As part of the on-board process, we have a

1;1 Wealth Activation Roadmap call.

During this call we go over all the details of your income & expenses.


In addition we create excel calculators to help you learn the skills you need to manage your money without feeling overwhelmed.

When are the

This is a 1;1 container. We pick a mutually agreed upon time.

Your VIP includes access to Crush On Debt...weekly group calls are live streamed into the Facebook Group & recorded so you can watch the replays. They occur every Thursday from 11;30-12;00 PM EST.


What does VIP membership include?

VIP membership includes;


 12 months of exclusive access to the VIP Green Room,


Members only portal that includes  modules, resources, & workbooks.


Weekly 1;1 acceleration calls


Weekly aromatherapy wealth activation group calls with me,


Living Essential Oils to use for the sessions,


a custom made workbook that contains all of the resources to create your financial portfolio,


& access to me in between calls via Telegram. 

When you pay in full at $12k  you receive a  1;1 Investment Strategy Call where I show you how to multiply the money you are saving


What  results can
I expect? 

When you implement the Money Multiplier System & the steps in the program, attend weekly calls or commit to watching the replays within the first 24 hours of missing a call, & date money weekly, you will see your savings grow, debt will decrease, & you will have fun with finances.


Your relationship with money will be strong because you're partnering with money.


You'll be more open to receiving money, hold onto the frequency of money, & develop a wealthy mindset.

You get to design

& live the life you dream of.


You get to think & act  like a millionaire. 

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