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Profit  Gold Audit

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Discover Your Business Potential to 10x profit! 




Dive deep into the heart of how your business




Your audit gives you insight on:


  • exactly how much money you have coming in,

  • how much money is going out,

  • where things can be more efficient, and

  • if your price make sense to meet your goals.


It's not just about what customers pay, but also making sure your business systems work well

to keep your profits steady.


This way, your business can keep going strong

and be successful for a long time!

  • Perfect Profit Pricing

  • Optimized backend money systems

  • Sustainable business model



Step into Profit Gold Audit


We look deeper than just numbers, figuring out

how each part of your plan helps your business make

more money.


The goal is to make sure every dollar you spend turns

into more success to help you increase your profit.


Are you in?



Money Magically Multiplied  

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Profit Gold Audits save online entrepreneurs thousands of dollars a year!!!

It helps six-figure coaches make sense of their signature offer without complicated financial reports so they can build a sustainable business.

So many entrepreneurs have no idea what their profit margin is for their signature program...
 even six-figure coaches!



This gap prevents you from hitting your target profit.

(it’s more than just the dollars)

A simple Profit Gold Audit shows you exactly how much money is coming in & how much is going out.



They price their offers based on
angel numbers or amounts so low
they are not aligned with their goals.

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Optimize your time! Profit Gold Audit is not just an evaluation of your program but a roadmap to cost-effective strategies.


Discover the price point within your profit margin that makes your business not only sustainable but flourishing.

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Gain a clear understanding of how much it costs in terms of time, and more importantly, how to make strategic decisions that align with your money goals.

Our thorough look will help you understand how to set prices that match your money goals.

Discover how much your business can grow by looking at the Return on Investment (ROI) with the Profit Gold Audit.

We don't just look at numbers – we check how every part of the plan helps your business make more money. 🌟💰


Profit Gold Audit is only the beginning

Ask Mary Ann.  She saved $830 each month & raised her prices 10%

Or Anne. She immediately implemented the recommendations from her audit, & saved $120,000 her first year.

Then there’s Patti. She changed her 1;1 offer priced at $997 to a group session for $5,000.

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Profit Gold Audit is your path to a sustainable business model.

  • Picture setting the price for your special offer that makes your business last a long time.

  • Your money increases and does its job in a way that makes sense to you.

  • Well-organized business income & expenses help you reach your goals.

The Profit Gold Audit is your key to informed decision-making, optimal pricing structures, and a future where your business thrives within its profit margin.

 Two sessions to 10x profit 


On our first call;


  • We gather your business records, your income & expenses

  • We review your current funnel

  • We look at the man hours spent in delivery

On the second session:

  • You receive a detailed assessment of your signature offer

  • Clear & simple action steps to increase profit

  • A done for you guide that shows you exactly what to do to continue to increase your profit margin


Profit Gold Audit

  •  Step right into the Green Room with this VIP call where we will gather all the details of your Signature Program 

  • A step-by-step guide to track your acquisition costs 

  •  A detailed report of your entire business plan to show you exactly where your money goes

  • A simple, step-by-step guide to self implement the suggestions to 10x profit



  • Bonus a personalized money meditation to align with your signature offer

  • Invest In Your Future


  • We recognize that time is a precious resource for any business owner. The audit is designed to be efficient, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily operations. Our commitment is to deliver results without consuming excessive time and resources.

  • Your Investment

  • $997 one-time payment

Are you one ready to increase profit?

If it doesn't make sense, it won't make dollars! 





Ready to 10x profit 🗝🌬️💖💸 




Step into your wealth by creating a financial plan that works for you!




Become an action oriented woman who knows that money is your partner!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

We have two calls.

On the first call, we gather all of your numbers-money coming in & what's going out. We get the details of your signature offer. We discuss your goals, and what you desire your profit to be.

Then I plug all of the information into an assessment & conduct an audit to see what's working, what can be improved to get more money in your pocket. 

On the second call, I present you with a detailed report that outlines your business plan, it's like a snapshot of your signature offer that shows you exactly what you need to do to reach your profit margin goal. 

Does it matter if I just created my signature offer?

No! The best time to have a Profit Gold Audit is when you first create your signature offer. I also recommend looking at it annually to assure it is aligned with your profit margin goals.

How long will the audit take?

Our first meeting is scheduled for one hour. During this time we will discuss your current business plan, review your signature offer, the number of hours you work to deliver it, and we will gather your operating expenses.

The second meeting will be for 90 minutes. During this time I will present you with a detailed report & simple action steps. You will have plenty of time to have all of your questions answered.

Is $997 worth it?

This is a steal! Brick & mortars pay $12,000 to employ a Profit Gold Auditor like myself. They wouldn't open their doors without having a solid financial plan in place. You can use the final report annualy to assure business growth.

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