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Radical Action Moves Mountains

When I asked GOD to be my CEO I had no idea HE would push to levels of fear in a good way. Words matter. Thoughts matter. Mindset is the crux of all we do-it's a matter of the heart! This is my sign off. Why? Because it's the truth. What is mindset? You hear a lot about it but do you really think about it. Mindset is your perception. Your thoughts form your worldview. Your worldview matters. We are always growing. GOD prunes us and shapes us to be who HE created us to be, to do great things that only we can do! As I reflect on 2021 & all of it's beauty, challenges, wins, & losses, I marvel at how at each moment GOD was right there with me. My family suffered sickness & loss, some heartache but through it all, we got through it. There's pain in the purpose. One of the best practices I implemented in 2021 was to celebrate my wins each day. Simple right? It changed my perspective. Gave my mindset a new direction. I'm excited for 2022. GOD is my CEO. Lisa Drennon is fully armored & equipped to serve her passion. Are you? It took months but that's intentional. A heart-centered leader needs much preparation. Just like Esther needed much preparation before being presented to the King. The prep will never be over-I will continue to grow and increase in the fruit of the Spirit. Will you commit to this as well? It takes radical action! Yes, life will come at you. Satan will attack. Family, friends won't support you. Lies will be whispered in your ear. But it's okay. You have the power. You are equipped. You are fully armored. You are wise. You know exactly what you are called to do. GOD is your CEO. Your heart alignment is complete. You are a radical action taker. Now let's SOAR❣️

Be the next radical action taker❣️

Move mountains in Heart Alignment ❣️

Daily mindset tips combined with action steps not only fills your heart with joy unspeakable it moves you with passion so you can do what you are called to do.

It’s only for heart-centered ladies who want to pursue their passion, be fully equipped to combat all challenges & live life the way GOD designed them to.

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