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Take the $20 Challenge

Imagine building wealth, creating limitless abundance without a budget, no restrictions.

💸Buying and investing from a place of security

💸Indulging in fun money with no guilt or shame

💸Giving away money without worrying whether there is enough

So many despise budgets because it restricts them.

The desire to have a relationship with money is strong but they don’t nurture it and money seems to fade away.

When Vanessa decided to take the bull by the horns and buckle down, her money piles began to grow.

At first she thought it was impossible.

When we talked about implementing the 10-10-10 strategy she literally called me crazy.

Coming from a scarcity mindset, she truly believed that giving away 10%, saving 10%, and having fun
with 10% of her income would take away from her needs and she would never pay off her credit cards.

She had lived paycheck to paycheck and as a single mom with a bit of help from the dad,
she was not able to make ends meet.

Determination and commitment became her motto.

She began to date money bi-weekly.

Together we crafted a money management system that was soul aligned with her core

Within the first 6 weeks she paid off two credit cards, purchased life insurance for her and
her son, and chose to cut back on three subscriptions.

It was like watching the sun rise when she celebrated her first purchase of her fun
money-she decided to go for a monthly massage and she was so much more relaxed, the
worry lines disappeared.

Giddy as a teen, she reaffirmed her commitment to track her expenses.
We worked on her money story.

As she inhaled the future and exhaled the past, connecting with her young self who was told
so many stories about money, she released the lies and embraced the truth.

Choosing to believe that she could be a mulit-millionaire we worked through the tales and
weeded out the fear, feeling each emotion with every breath, inhaling the smells of
frankincense, lavender, stress away, each breath became stronger, her facial expressions

Identifying the emotional spending patterns, we tackled each blocker starting with fear
moving through shame, guilt, procrastination, and self-sabotage.

Breathing deep into her subconscious thoughts, she released the lies that held her captive.
Money beliefs instilled from childhood.

Realizing that debt was created from her family’s mantra of “You have to borrow from Peter
to pay Paul” helped her to understand why she felt like she was in bondage.

The most amazing transformation was when Vanessa grabbed the power of pen and paper
and wrote down her net value of $350K-shocked, she did a happy dance understanding as
the letters and numbers jumped from the paper, how much she really had.

Refusing to track your finances limits your ability to create limitless abundance.

Want money to flow inside out, challenge yourself to date money.

It doesn’t matter how much you make, it’s what you do with it.

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